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The Hawaiʻi History Day 2020-2021 season has begun! We’re still all caught in the virtual world, but we’re so looking forward to working with you. In this space, you can find a variety of resources. Some of them are specific to History Day, while others are universally valuable pedagogical tools for a teacher in the humanities.

This Padlet archives all of the videos and materials covered during our Hawaiʻi History Day Kickoffs.


Why Do Hawaiʻi History Day?

“We always learn history in the books at school, but this time, I learned about the history in my blood. I became so emotionally attached to this topic, and still am. After first hearing about it. [I] was immersed in every source I found—whether it be smiling, as the Manongs did on screen, feeling the adrenaline as the strike began, or even crying a few times. This history was my history and it became my mission to bring light to the obscure origins of this topic. The more I researched, the less I found about the Filipinos as everything shifted back to the Mexicans, thus motivating me to do as much research as I could to do this topic and the Filipinos justice. Aside from the cultural aspect, it was both heartwarming and inspiring to learn about the unification of the groups and their success despite the odds.”

—Haley Evile, Mililani High School
2018 Senior Individual Documentary

The Delano Grape Strike: Unification by Conflict, Amelioration by Compromise