Hawaiʻi History Day

Hawaiʻi History Day Current News and Events:

2021-2022 Hawaiʻi History Day Calendar: We are excited to release our new calendar for Hawaiʻi History Day 2021-2022 in both a poster version and a print-friendly version! Click here for a print-friendly version.*Please note that some dates and locations may be subject to change. Please email historyday@hihumanities.org for more information.

News and Upcoming Events: 

Hawaiʻi History Day 2022 Entry Guidelines and Project Checklist:

With our Virtual District and State Fairs coming up next year, we are releasing our Hawaiʻi History Day 2022 Entry Guidelines and Project Checklist. Please review these lists carefully to ensure that all parts of your project are ready for the upcoming fairs!

Click here for a printable version of our Entry Guidelines

Click here for a printable version of our Entry Checklist

Missed a Workshop Session? See Our Padlets below:

See our Debate and Diplomacy Workshop Padlet to access resources and video recordings of our speaker sessions!

Click here to visit our Debate and Diplomacy Speaker Series Padlet Page!



Visit our Nakem! Filipino & Filipino-American History, Culture, and Food in Hawaiʻi workshop Padlet to access resources and video recordings of our speaker sessions!

Click here to visit our Nakem! Speaker Series Padlet Page!



2021-2022 Hawai’i History Day Kickoff Videos

We were so glad to see our teachers, students, and friends at our Hawai’i History Day 2021-2022 Virtual Kickoff on Friday, August 13. For those who couldn’t make it, no worries! We have put together a video series so that you can watch our Kickoff presentations!

Part 1, presented by Shannon Cristobal, is an introduction to our program, and a sharing about upcoming events. Watch part 1 below.

Part 2, presented by Dorian Langi, is a presentation on getting started with History Day. In this video, you will find useful tips to start a project. Watch part 2 below.

Finally, part 3, presented by Shannon, Dorie, and Devin, is a tour of the Hawai’i History Day website. In this segment, you will also see the resources available to teachers and students. Watch part 3 below.

We have also put together a special 2021-2022 Kickoff Padlet, which contains a compilation of resources taken from the 2020-2021 season. Consider it a one-stop shop of resources! Visit it here.

For more resources, visit our Teacher Resource Page here.

If you need any support, feel free to contact us at historyday@hihumanities.org. Have a safe and happy beginning to the new school year!


2021-2022 Hawaiʻi History Day Theme Resources

This year, the theme for History Day is “Debate and Diplomacy in History: Successes, Failures, and Consequences.” For more details on the theme for this year, see the 2020-2021 theme description. Also, click the Calendar link to see our most recently revised schedule for 2021.

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Hawaiʻi History Day Past News

Congratulations to our students and teachers!

As we end our 2020-2021 History Day season, we would like to congratulate our students and teachers who have worked so hard to Mālama Our History during this unprecedented time. We would also like to celebrate our students, teachers, and families who received top honors at the national level. We are excited and honored to showcase these projects! Visit our new webpage to see the amazing work they have done.

We hope to see everyone soon, and we are working hard to provide even more to you all next year.

E mālama i ka moʻolelo

–Hawaiʻi History Day Team