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2021 Hawaii Communication in History Topics
One of the most important moments of your History Day Project is picking your topic. It should be something you’re genuinely interested in, so you’ll know you want to spend a lot of time with the subject. But you should also think about the audiences for your project (teachers, judges, community members), so as you go through the process of selecting your topic, keep Christine Counsellʻs 5 R’s in mind:

  • Remembered by people in society
  • Resulted in change
  • Remarkable then and now
  • Resonates through time by continuing to affect our lives today
  • Revealing an understanding of life in the past

Purdue OWL—Please refer to Chicago Manual of Style on this website.
This is an excellent website that will help you make sure all of your citations and bibliographic information are correctly formatted. For researchers, the bibliography (listing of all research resources) is often considered the most important part of their entire paper, so try to give it the loving attention it screams for. From the competitive perspective, projects that perform well always have strong bibliographies paired with strong presentation.

ScholarSpace at University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
A lot of intellectual resources can only be accessed by paying a lot of money to get to them, so it’s always really wonderful when educational institutions create spaces that provide open-access to our larger communities. ScholarSpace gives you access to a variety of resources. You can type in a search, or you can browse by subject, author, or UHM department (Anthropology, History, etc.).  eVols at University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa—Similar to ScholarSpace, eVols gives you open-access to academic and community scholarship.

*A “Scroll of Esther” (Heb. מגילת אסתר, megilat ester) is a manuscript copy of the Book of Esther, which recounts how a Hebrew woman called Esther saved the Jewish people from genocide in the Persian Empire. The Book of Esther is part of the Tanakh and the Old Testament. The text is often read aloud during the holiday of Purim.