Fair Results and Awards

It’s been thrilling to see so many inventive and thoughtful projects in the first district fairs of the year. Congratulations to all the teachers, the students, their families, the judges,  and the volunteers for making the Maui and Windward District Hawaiʻi History Day Fairs such a resounding success.

Why is history important? Because this is who we are! Without the backbone understanding of history, we are but fragments of ourselves.

Here, at Hawaiʻi Council for the Humanities, we often ask, how can we offer care for our history? Our Hawaiʻi History Day program, which helps young people develop the tools to investigate the stories of our past, is a foundational answer to that question.  Three cheers to all who are participating in this process of remembering and caring for our history.

Thank you everyone!

Thank you for joining our 2021 Hawaiʻi History Day Virtual State Fair! We were so happy to celebrate the amazing achievements of our students and teachers in our special program this past Saturday. Our team is hard at work, and in the coming days and weeks, we will be continuing to unveil new and exciting resources, stories, and programs. Stay tuned for more! In the meantime, here are our results form the 2021 Hawaiʻi History Day State Fair! Thank you all so much again for your support!

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