Our statehood commemoration event happening TODAY at the @hsplshigov from 10-1
#trythink session and activities for children #statehood #frontpage

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Check out this month's Hawai‘i Council for the Humanities E-Newsletter, August 2019 🎒! Also, we are looking for 2 wonderful people to help us - see the positions open in our newsletter https://bit.ly/2TsOBtY #statehood #waianaelibrary #hawaiistatelibrary #foundingdocuments #hawaiihistoryday #mauiartsculture #trythink #frontpage ...

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HCH Grants Program provides funding to individuals, as well as nonprofit organizations and institutions, for humanities-based projects that offer Hawai‘i audiences the opportunity to experience how the humanities can add new and balanced approaches to think critically about current and historical issues.
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Hawai‘i History Day
Hawai‘i History Day, an affiliate of National History Day, is a year-long history education program that invigorates the teaching and learning of history with a theme-based, research-centered model for history and civics education in grades 4 through 12.
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Try Think and Reading and Discussion Programs
Try Think is our new discussion and community building program. Motheread/Fatheread© is a nationally acclaimed family literacy program aimed at helping parents talk about the books they read to their young children, encouraging family conversations about values and feelings, and improving reading comprehension and school readiness. 
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HCH Partnerships feature public humanities programs and activities that enhance humanities education in our K-12 schools and local communities, including those that have been traditionally difficult to reach and less familiar with the humanities.
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