Gifts for Our Ancestors and Descendants

Please join us in our 50th Anniversary Year in honoring our many connections, past and future. We are asking our supporters to donate this year in honor of a descendant or an ancestor. Your name and tribute will weave into the story for our next 50 years, a testimony to how vast and connected we all are.


Karen E. Aoki, in honor of Annette Lew
Kenneth Ruge, in honor of Bob Buss
Chiara Logli, in honor of our Hawaiʻi History Day hero, Cynthia Smith
Bob and Adella Buss, in honor of Cynthia Smith, Paul Field, and Mitch Yamasaki, founding Hawaiʻi History Day, historians, and to the RG Buss Endowment Fund
Calvin Say, in memory of Haruyo Kotake
Sarah Falzarano, in honor of Claire Gearen
Chuck and Deb Hazama, in honor and memory of the generations of Oyakawa family on Kauaʻi and Hazama family on Maui
Devin Makizuru, for Mom, Dad, and McKenna
Janyce Omura, in memory of Lorey Ishihara, a wonderful friend, mentor, and colleague
Lyz Soto, in memory and in honor of Margaret Hattori-Uchima and all the astonishing women who work to make this world better
Aiko Yamashiro, in memory of the amazing women leaders Lorey Ishihara and Margaret Hattori-Uchima
Lea Albert, in honor of Ilona Hemperly – artist
Brenda Ching, in Memory of Tom and Kalo
Manuel, Kekauonohi, and Abraham Kuloloia, in Honour of Dr. Paul Nakayama for your uncommon intellect, involvement, integrity, and inspiration. WE love you Uncle Paul!
Wayne Tanaka, in honor of my halmeoni. Thank you for the rice and apples and coffee for the first time, and I miss your house that you raised your family in.
Diane Mokuau, in memory of Lorey Ishihara, who left us too soon
Malia Lau Kong, in memory of Lorey Ishihara
Larry and Marilyn Meyers, in memory of Lorey Ishihara, who personified all the good things that “humanity” encompasses
Robert B. McCaw, in memory of Susan L. McCaw
Yukie Shiroma, for Aunty Yukie Oshiro
Grant and Kathleen Yoshikami, in honor of Aiko Yamashiro, Executive Director of Hawaiʻi Council for the Humanities
Bob Buss, in memory of Lorey Ishihara, who was one of the founding mothers of Hawaiʻi History Day and a wonderful friend, mentor, and colleague
Antonio Ramil, in memory of Eusebio and Mercedes Ramil
Sabra Kauka, in memory of Mehana Perez
Kelsey Amos, in memory of Nobu Sakata, Nato Nouchi, Toku Tagomori, and Tsuya Iwami
Nanette Napoleon, in memory of Dorothy and Nathan Napoleon
Mary Miho Finley, in honor of Ruth and Paul Miho and in memory of Katsuichi and Ayano Miho
Dorothy Aragaki, in memory of Haruko and Masaichi Tamashiro
Harold and Noreen Tavares Jr., in memory of Elizabeth Tavares
Colleen Furukawa, in honor of Kame Nakasone
Dr. James R. Corcoran, in memory of Linda Corcoran
Susan Arinaga Li, in honor of Esther Kwon Arinaga
Maile Melrose, in honor of Jill Olson, former Executive Director of Kona Historical Society
Kathy Phillips, in honor of my wise and wonderful parents, whose two different grammars—one working-class, one standard—taught me that grammar makes no difference to intelligence (let alone wisdom) or kindness or any value.
Jane Kurahara, in memory of my parents Masaichi and Flora Yanagihara

Maja Grajski, in honor of my sister Jola
Deanna Espinas, for my grandmother, Rosario Meneses Dulay
Jean Toyama, in praise of Bob Buss and all his unfailing help
Amy Nishimura, in honor of my aunt, her twisted spine created beautiful backbones
James Tueller, in honor of my four great-grandmothers all born between 1866 and 1870: Elisabeth von Almen Tueller, Anna Lundstrom Carlson, Kate Delong Heywood and Annie Clove Evans
Larry and Marilyn Myers, in honor of Robert Buss
Phil Bossert,  in honor of Dr. Mary Bitterman, who suggested to Hawaiʻi Council for the Humanities that it fund the very first TV program that a local NEH affiliate council in the US had ever done and then worked with us to produce “Damien”
Robert and Adella Buss, in memory of Asian and Ethnic Studies scholar, Franklin Odo
Lance Genson Mahi La Pierre, in honor of my mother, Irene Taparra La Pierre
Mary Therese Perez Hattori, in memory of Dr. Joakim Jojo Peter, who taught us that we are only strong in community
Brent Kakesako, dedicated to Eusebio!!
Cristina Bacchilega, for my nonna who told stories while sewing, for my mother who rewrote her life in poems, and for Bruna & Talia, may they each live their own poems
Robin Jones, in honor of my parents, Robert and Nancy Jones
Lyz Soto, in honor of the first people to give her stories, Judith & Eric Soto
Aiko Yamashiro, for Daniel
Misty-Lynn Sanico, in honor of Alexander Boyd Mossman, who encouraged me to stay curious
Nancy Aleck, in honor of the newest navel orange on the branch and its nourishing mother tree
Todd Sammons, in honor of my parents, Chandler Leonard Sammons and Raleighnae Patterson Sammons
Vinnie Linares in honor of my multi-cultural grandparents who opened the doors of the world for me
Dawn Sueoka, in honor of Minoru, an artist and dreamer
Trixy ʻIwalani Koide, for my kūpuna who continue to guide me and keep me pono
Tisha M. Aragaki, for Daddy
Shelly Preza, in honor of my grandparents, Robert Abel Amaral & Soon Yai Amaral
Mark Ombrello, for Tino
Demaney Kihe, in honor of my brother, Richard J. K. Kihe