Apply for a Grant with Us!

Do you have a project that tells stories of Hawaiʻi to our community? Are you working to preserve cultural material that remembers our history? Are you planning a humanities program that brings together Hawaiʻi communities to explore and share ideas? Please consider applying to one of our grants!

Grant Application Deadlines

Closed—Signup for our Newsletter to get the latest information about upcoming grants deadlines.

Closed—Signup for our Newsletter to get the latest information about upcoming grants deadlines.


Grant Application

We invite you to reflect on Our Values to guide you and your project program’s purpose, and its goals and outcomes. Please consider how Our Values are reflected in your project.

Our Values:

Our ideas of the humanities are grounded in Hawai‘i’s people and places
  • Kuleana to our communities’ histories and futures
Courage to dive deeply into important questions and ideas
  • Brave and safe space for diverse voices and experiences to actively share and listen
Create connections that strengthen our communities’ resilience and ability to change.

Apply to Public Humanities Grants (up to $10,000)
This is our broadest ranging grant, and we hope this invites creative approaches to public humanities programming. We actively welcome exciting and engaging programs seeking to promote deep thinking, conversation, and connection on issues that impact our communities in Hawaiʻi.

Apply to Preservation & Access Grants (up to $10,000)
These go towards funding projects that mālama our history, and preserve resources that are important to a community, and to make them publicly accessible to researchers, students, and the general public.

CLICK HERE for a preview of the application, including a downloadable pdf version. You can also go to this link to register and apply for a grant with us. We encourage all applicants to visit Some of Our Fabulous Grantees section to gain a broader perspective on the type and range of grants made in recent years.


Before you hit the apply button:

DUNS and CAGE numbers (REQUIRED)
Grant applicants are required to have a valid DUNS number (Data Universal Numbering System) and to have a  currently registered CAGE number with the Federal SAM (System for Award Management). If your institution needs to obtain a free DUNS number, please follow the instructions HERE. To register with SAM and get a CAGE number, follow instructions HEREIMPORTANT: If you do not already have a CAGE number, it will take 4-8 weeks to receive one. Please incorporate this timeline into your application process. Be sure to check with your executive administrator or finance administrator as your organization may already be registered.
Please note: even though grants are a type of contract, when registering with SAM, your organization is applying for “financial assistance” rather than registering as a contractor.

For our Public Humanities Grants—Humanities Leader (REQUIRED)
A strong humanities project should include project personnel that provides guidance, rigor, and analysis, to develop a public program with depth, context, and complexity (i.e., multiple perspectives, connection to larger history, etc.). The Project Director can also be the Humanities Leadership. At least one Humanities Leadership name and a letter of commitment explaining their support, role, and commitment is required.

For our Preservation & Access Grants—Librarian or Archivist Leader (REQUIRED)
A strong project includes project personnel that can provide professional guidance, rigor, and analysis, and apply archival preservation standards and develop universal access using humanities indexing and cataloguing methods. The Project Director can also be the Librarian or Archivist Leadership. At least one Librarian/Archivist Leadership name and a letter of commitment explaining their support, role, and commitment is required.

Office of Management and Budget Requirements
All Public Humanities and Preservation & Access Grants awarded by Hawaiʻi Council for the Humanities are federal subawards from the National Endowment of the Humanities, so they are subject to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) circulars governing administrative requirements, allowable costs, and audit requirements detailed in 2 CFR 200. It is the applicant’s responsibility to become familiar with these requirements, which may be found online HERE.


We are happy to consult with applicants one-on-one about your project idea, or any questions you may have. Please contact Stacy Hoshino at shoshino@hihumanities.org, or by phone at 808-469-4551. If you’re interested in a consultation, be sure to contact Stacy Hoshino no later than two weeks prior to the grants submission deadline. You can also check out our Grants FAQs webpage for more helpful explanations and information.