Current Staff
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E-mail Contact

Meda Brown

Finance and Office Manager

mbrown [at] hihumanities [dot] org

Robert Chang

Director of Reading and Discussion Programs

rchang [at] hihumanities [dot] org

Alita Charron

Director of Development and Public Affairs

acharron [at] hihumanities [dot] org

Shannon Cristobal

Director of Hawai‘i History Day & K-12 Humanities Programs

historyday [at] hihumanities [dot] org

Stacy Hoshino

Director of Grants and Special Projects

shoshino [at] hihumanities [dot] org

Devin Makizuru

Lyz Soto

Aiko Yamashiro

Hawaiʻi History Day Assistant Coordinator

Communications Officer

Executive Director

dmakizuru [at] hihumanities [dot] org

lsoto [at] hihumanities [dot] org

ayamashiro [at] hihumanities [dot] or