Our guiding question for Feb. 2019 Try Think in Mānoa. Follow @hihumanities on Instagram for more updates on this series.

Try Think & Reading and Discussion Programs

“Why does our society seem to be having so much trouble with truth today?”

 “What needs to remain the same in order for this community to thrive?”

“With regard to those reentering society from prison, is it their responsibility to find their place in the community, or the community’s responsibility to provide a place for them?”

These have been the kinds of topics of discussion for our community Try Think events in Mānoa, Nānākuli, and Waiʻanae Moku as we continue to bring our Try Think program for a broader public.

More About Our Try Think Program:

For the last two years, the Try Think program has run exclusively at the Women’s Community Correctional Center and the Hālawa Correctional Facility with the objective of providing an intellectually safe place for participants to think together, discuss relevant issues, and build community. This discussion series mobilizes philosophy from p4c Hawai’i (Philosophy for Children) to encourage reflective communities of inquiry, which are at the heart of the humanities.

The goal of Try Think is to build and strengthen our communities by bringing people together to participate in meaningful conversations around topics and ideas that we as a group find interesting and important. If this is your first time attending, we ask each person to bring with them a question or idea that you would like to discuss. All questions are welcome, no topic is off limits. As a group, we will vote on the question or idea that will lead our discussion for the evening. The event if free of charge; all we ask is that you bring an open mind and an interesting question and let’s see where our discussion can take us.

For more information, and to RSVP to our Try Think event please contact Robert Chang at rchang@hihumanities.org.

Motheread/Fatheread® Hawai’i is a nationally acclaimed family literacy program aimed at promoting literacy and increasing communication within families.

Motheread/Fatheread® Hawai’i has been turning parents and children in Hawai’i preschools and elementary schools on to the joy of reading since 1999.  Affiliated with the award-winning national Motheread® program and in partnership with Title I elementary schools and others serving low-income parents, Reading and Discussion Programs improves reading skills so children can be more successful in school and become better readers, thinkers, learners, and problem solvers.  It also strengthens ties between parent and child.

How the program works is parents meet in small groups led by a trained Reading and Discussion Programs facilitator to read children’s books and discuss the themes found in them.  By the end of the session, parents are prepared to take the books home and share them with their family as opposed to just reading them.

Parents who participate are often surprised to discover how much their children look forward to the time they spend together sharing a book and the ideas this interaction brings to life.  Through the reading and discussion of award-winning children’s literature, parents learn to become reading role models for their children, to initiate meaningful discussions about books, and improve their parenting and literacy skills.

For more information contact Robert Chang at  732-5402 ext. 3 or rchang@hihumanities.org.