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Our facilitated discussion program, Try Think, is collaborating with the Waiʻanae Public Library to present a 3-part discussion series, Transitions. On February 26th at the Waiʻanae Public Library, we'll be presenting a free screening of the documentary, Out of State, which tackles some difficult issues in our prison system and how those issues impact our local communities. ⁣⁣
After the screening, Try Think will be hosting an open and honest discussion about transitions and incarceration. We invite our community to join in these conversations. ⁣⁣
What kinds of goals should our society have regarding incarceration and for what follows?⁣⁣
What kinds of questions will you ask?⁣⁣
We will also be providing light refreshments, so if you're thinking about coming, it would be fantastic if you could RSVP to help us with our planning.⁣

RSVP link in bio.⁣

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