Grant Types

HCH offers two types of grants:

Preservation & Access Grant

Designed to support the preservation of state and community resources and to make these cultural resources readily accessible to local communities, scholars and general public.

Amount: up to $7,000

Public Humanities Grant

Designed to support humanities programs that endeavor to include a clear and effective humanities purpose and focus.

Amount: up to $10,000


• February 16, 2018

• October 26, 2018

*Before applying for a grant, you need to contact HCH director of grants and special projects, Stacy Hoshino at (808) 469-4551 or Please be ready to describe your project, including how it connects to the humanities and how it will reach Hawai‘i’s people.

All University of Hawai‘i System applicants need to contact Stacy Hoshino, and before you set up your grant application account at (808) 469-4551 or shoshino@hihumanities.or.

The application is a two-part process:

1) A Letter of Inquiry needs to be submitted online.

     1.a.) Letter of Inquiries are due two weeks before the application deadline. We feel that in order to complete your application two weeks are needed to sufficiently  complete the entire grant application process. 

      1.b.) Allow up to 48 hours for your Letter of Inquiry to be reviewed, and for a response regarding the status of it.

2) After your Letter of Inquiry is approved you will then proceed to the application.