Grant Application Process

Applying for a grant:

For a successful grant application, first contact HCH Director of Grants and Special Projects, Stacy Hoshino, at (808) 469-4551 or Please be ready to describe your project, including how it connects to the humanities and how it will reach Hawai‘i’s people.

There are two parts to the HCH online grant application process. Please follow the steps described below:

Step 1: Submit a Letter of Inquiry

All applicants are required to complete and submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) by registering through the online application system.  Letter of Inquiries are due two weeks before the application deadline. We feel that in order to complete your application, two weeks are needed to sufficiently  complete the entire grant application process. 

To submit a LOI, click on the online application system link at the bottom of this document.  Register by selecting the “Create New Account” button.  Once you have registered and created a new account in the online system, you may proceed to the “Applicant Page” and select the grant type for which you intend to apply.  A “LOI Page” will open; provide the necessary information in the questionnaire boxes on that page and click the “Submit Form” button to complete your LOI.

The three questions in the LOI are intended as a screening process to determine if your project is a fit with HCH’s mission.  Your answers will be reviewed for eligibility under HCH grant guidelines by HCH, who will approve or decline the LOI.  

If approved, you will receive an email of notification and can then access the full application by logging on to your account via the online application system.

Click here to begin the online application process.

Step 2: Submit a Full Application

Once a Letter of Inquiry is approved, applicants can complete the next and final step to the two-part grant application process.  The full application is the second of two forms to be submitted online.  Applicants who are invited by the HCH to complete and submit a full application for HCH funding can do so by the deadline date.  In other words, complete the application form online and electronically submit the form by midnight on the deadline date.  In fairness to all applicants, all deadlines for full grant applications are firm.

Each type of HCH grant has its own application form accessible via the online application system.  Please be sure to read carefully through the application form specific to the type of grant for which you are applying.  Your project narrative is HCH’s basis for deciding whether it should receive funding.  Please be as thorough as possible in describing your project and fill in all required fields on the application form.